Skye, the Island and Lochalsh / An T-Eilean Sgitheanach & Loch Aillse
Duncan House Fine Celtic Jewellery
Strathaird Steading, Strathaird Isle of Skye, IV49 9AX

01471 866366

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“At the end of the day, the most satisfying and challenging work for me is what you see here in the Gallery. It is a spiritual connection, a physical connection, to something good that was left for us.” Garth Duncan

The historical studies of my ancestors moved my artwork into traditional Celtic designs. I am enamoured by the detailed work they did. I have focused the last half of my career on traditional Celtic design, Scottish history and art methodology. It has taken many years to learn and perfect the methods and disciplines required to take traditional art work and diverse projects to a fine jewellery level.

Duncan House is located in the old Strathaird Steading, on the Isle of Skye, on the west coast of Scotland. It stands just above the home of the Ancient MacKinnon Chiefs in Kilmarie and overlooking Loch Slapin.

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