Kylerhea - Shore fishing S Skye

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Kylerhea is the narrowest point between Skye and mainland Scotland where you can catch the ferry to Glenelg. This narrow stretch of water separates Loch Alsh from the Sound of Sleat. The road leading from Broadford to Kylerhea was also the road where Mercedes managed to crash their new B-Class whilst testing new "saftey" features. Got to love irony :-)

Fishing either side of the jetty here produces good Pollock but beware of fishing too deep as the kelp here is like a forest. Tiderun here is immense, especially on big tides when it looks like a mini corryvreckan. Fishing on the bottom is nigh impossible as your line will end up tangled round a dozen stalks of kelp but if successful you can expect beautiful Red Cod and decent sized Conger. Rotten bottom rigs with a 7/8oz lead to help you hold bottom might see you through but to be honest the Pollock fishing here more than makes up for the trouble fishing on the bottom.

Fishing further round the right from Kylerhea itself puts you on shingle shores besides a small burn. Fishing on the bottom here can produce Rays and Dogfish to fishbaits and squid with no need to worry about snags.

Getting here is straightforward, just follow the signposted road to Kylerhea from the A87 between Kyleakin and Broadford. Take care as it is a single track road with few passing places and a few nasty blind corners. Usually enough parking about but take care not to get in the way of ferry traffic.