Loch Bracadale - Shore Fishing NW Skye

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A large sprawling loch leading onto numerous smaller lochs, Bracadale covers a huge area. Heading towards Sligachan take the turn off towards Dunvegan. On this road you can either continue up the east side of the Loch towards Ullinish, Harlosh and Orabost or head up towards the south end of the loch at Portnalong and Fiskavaig.

From Ardtreck Point near Portnalong and the rocks on the shore at Fiskavaig there are good Pollock to be had to usual methods on spinning gear. Fishing on the bottom with fish baits will produce Spurdog, Thornback Ray, Dogfish and Conger at distance. Pulley rigs are recommended as the ground can be rough in places along with a few ledges. These marks are a good choice if there is a strong south westerly / easterly blowing in as the loch will be fairly sheltered. Also during the summer months there is the Tattie Bogal Scarecrow festival in this part of Skye which makes the trip worth it even if the fish aren't biting, honestly some of the scarecrows are just fantastic.

From the points at Ullinish and Harlosh Pollock fishing can be productive to the usual methods. Fishing on the bottom here with fish baits and squid can be fantastic for Rays and Dogfish. A simple 1 hooked rig with around a 4/0 hook will suffice. Ground seems to be clean and there is little tide here so a grip lead shouldn't be necessary.

Heading further up the coast towards Orabost you arrive at Loch Bharcasaig, a small loch that is part of Bracadale. We have never had success here with spinning gear but fishing beachcasters with fish baits can produce good Spurdog and Dogfish. Depths vary here but the walk out to Idrigill Point leads out to deeper water the further along you go. If you actually go as far as Idrigill point the Pollock fishing is amazing with spinning gear and there are good Ling and Conger to be had on beachcasters.