Fairy Bridge - historical site NW Skye
On the B886,, near to the junction with the A850

Postcode / Grid / GPS: NG 278 513

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Beul-Ath nan Allt (the ford of the three burns), or Beul Altha nan Tri Allt (the mouth of the ford of the three burns) Fairy Bridge held a particular fear for travelers in the past. Horses were spooked, was it by the dancing fairies, or the fact that three murders had been committed there? Whatever it was, men feared to pass that way at night. A noted Free Church preacher (Rev Roderick MacLeod) held large prayer meetings at the bridge, and the area lost its former sense of evil – or is it that we drive past the bridge in our cars today faster than the fairies or spooks can get to us???

This is said to be where the fairy wife of the Chief of MacLeod’s left him to return to her own people. She left their son wrapped in a silken shawl which, as the Fairy Flag, could be used three times to save the Clan when it was in trouble.

Fairy Bridge was a very important place during 1842. Thousands of people came from all over Skye (apart from the south end) to hear open air sermons being preached during the Skye revival.